Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Easy beauty tips :)

Here are some tips that cant steal more time  on your busy daily schedule and it will be easily done home. Its summer and the skin becomes dry and gets dehydrated .here are some tips to rejuvenate your skin :)
Go fair on air :) 
  • Chocolates. They are naturally good for skin and it treats dry skin very well. so  you can apply Cocoa butter as a pack.leave it for fifteen minutes and remove. The skin feels soft and silky .
  • Coffee powder : It is one of the ingredients in all beauty scrubs. Its effective when mixed with sugar  
  • Take two spoons of poppy seeds soaked and grind to a paste .Then add one spoon coconut oil .Apply this onto scalp and cover it with a  shower cap. you can also use a towel dipped in hot water to cover and leave it for half n hour. Then shampoo your hair.
    This cleanses the scalp and reduces heat .This treats dandruff too.
  • Body shine enhancement :  In 20 litres of warm water add 1/4 ltr of milk , then two teaspoons honey , orange skin, or rose petals.two drops of  Lavender oil could also be added.
  • Hand Care : Take two spoons of fresh cream , one spoon of dates syrup and  two drops of vanilla essence .Apply over hand  and cover it with a foil or hand glouse. Leave it for twenty minutes and then rinse with water. This makes palms soft.And this treats skin loosening and Stretch marks too.
  • Tan removal: Take Tea decoction, lemon, and sugar syrup taken in equal amount, and apply.Wash after ten minutes.Doing this daily reduces skin tan.
  • Lemon juice and honey mixed together also be used  to treat tan  removal purposes.
  • Facial Mask: Powder peas, add litle turmeric , curd , and a little of milk powder .Apply it over the face as a pack. Wash after fifteen minutes. This refresh the skin.
  • Pedicure: Use Mint leaves , Hot water , salt , two drops  lavender oil,  and rose petals  as a pedicure soak. soak for twenty minutes . Cleanse the feet .Then Scrub it . Apply glycerin and lemon mixture .  Leave it overnight .This heals the cracks .
Taking care of your body and beauty is as simple as that :) :) try all these :)